Overpass API User's Manual

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Analysing data
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Spatial Data Selection

How to obtain all data without a spatially limited region.

Bounding Boxes
The simplest way to obtain OpenStreetMap data from a small region.

To explain the different variants of getting full OpenStreetMap data within a region the fine print of the OpenStreetMap data model is explained here.

Further Map APIs
In addition to requests in the query language, the Overpass API also offers some ready-made API calls. The majority of them exists for the purpose of backwards compatibility, and all of them are emulated by executing the corresponding Overpass QL request. They thus only need coordinates.

Polygon and Around
Where to filter can be shaped more versatile than with a bounding box.

Filter by area
How to get all data within a named area, e.g. a city or a county.

Other sources
Overpass API is not the answer to every problem. This section presents alternatives, in particular working with data extracts.

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