Overpass API User's Manual

Overpass API User's Manual

Which purposes serves the Overpass API in the ecosystem of OpenStreetMap? What kind of OpenStreetMap data exists? What are requests?

Downstream Tools
How to configure a request such that the result suits the respective downstream purpose? Examples are given for many popular applications without any claim to be exhaustive. The data formats are introduced and their variants presented.

Spatial Data Selection
How to obtain all data without a spatially limited region.

Find Objects
The most frequent use case for Overpass API: Finding data by search criteria like tags, rough location or other criteria.

Counting Objects
If more local or more specfic counting is required than already possible by Taginfo. Tools to count objects by their properties or aggregate them in other ways.

Analysing data
Methods to analyse further OpenStreetMap. A typical use case is tracking back data bugs to their origin.

More information
Other sources of information about Overpass API.